What you are reading here is not a thought that has just formed in our minds. It is not even a new word and we have written and said about it many times before. However, we hope that by repeating these writings and statements, a suitable platform will be provided for constructive movements such as the organization of the packaging system.

Today is another day. Just as one no longer confuses graphics with traffic, it can be said that packaging and its important functions are a known factor for different classes of society today. But the familiarity of the society with a factor called packaging alone can not be considered a positive point and can bring relief to those involved in packaging. Because packaging, like any technique and method, can be used in both good and evil directions.

Packaging can deceive buyers. Unfortunately, the end of such a path to its worst form, disability, death and bankruptcy, is conceivable for consumers.
Perhaps in the past years when packaging was not so widespread in our country, the risk of misuse of packaging did not seem very important and real to the people and officials.

The rapid growth of packaging technology all over the world, including Iran, has raised the quality level of packaging fraud to such an extent that only experts can detect violations.
Packaging practitioners should know that the growth and development of the packaging industry is a double-edged sword that, in parallel with serving consumers, if it serves profiteers, can cause fundamental damage to consumers and other packaging workers.
The problems that arise in this regard are not limited to the emergence of a bad mentality in consumers. Rather, the main problem starts with the fact that some people outside the packaging industry open their feet to this industry. Of course, not for investment, but for legislation and making big and small rules.

The law is a good thing as long as all the competent parties are actively involved in drafting the boundaries and the law.
Packaging violations are not limited to food and consumer health. A community is like a family with a variety of issues. At the same time, bringing up the issue of abuse is just a clear example of problems within the union. If not, the necessity of the existence of trade union systems has never been limited to the discussion of violations.
It is worth mentioning that the use of the word class in this article according to its administrative and governmental definitions, which ultimately to

The union affairs assembly does not return. Incidentally, one of the centers of the problems of this distinction is the discussion of class and industry, of course, from its administrative point of view. Here, the purpose of using the word class is to get help from this word to summarize the efforts of all those involved in packaging, which has a common result in mind and public view, and that is “packaging”.
Be aware that those involved in the packaging industry are each more or less a production or service unit that operates in various trends in the industry, but the role of packaging in the field of production is such that decisions on many issues The production and supply cycle can affect all parts of the packaging.
For example, many decisions about the health of manufactured goods are directly related to the issue of packaging and can bring waves to the industry. In this regard, some people of packaging are happy and some are miserable. On the other hand, it cannot be said that all these waves were positive and appropriate. Maybe tomorrow some other packers will be caught in one of the devastating waves coming in from outside the classroom.
Since packaging can mean anything, and since the concept embraces diverse and sometimes conflicting industries and professions, it has always struggled to converge. From time to time, this has caused the newly arrived manager or expert to express his opinion and should and should not, seeing some of the existing problems and excited through the tribunes that are always available for the government.
Those involved in the packaging sector should know that the more the necessity and quality of packaging develops in the country thanks to their efforts and capital, the more the reality called packaging becomes more obvious and more people become interested in commenting on it, and of course many They intend to revolutionize this sector!
The later the people involved in the packaging sector and its veterans think about the convergence and reform of their class, the more and older the number of decision-makers who assign tasks to them from outside, and some rules and tastes are institutionalized.
The packaging industry has already experienced the issue of outsourcing. Lack of convergence among the inhabitants of a class or region is a good opportunity for outsiders to arbitrate in various ways and issue rulings of taste.
Packaging is a general and relative concept. There are no signs and no absolute boundaries. The packaging department is made up of different industries and professions, each of which goes its own way, but their combination has one name and that is “packaging”. In other words, although the market rules, standards and quality control of the products of each of the industries related to packaging are unique to the same industry, but due to the different combinations that can be obtained from this collection, a system is needed. And control is also felt in the overall context of packaging.
But this is not the only sector of industry and services in a country that suffers from this diversity. Industry