The healthiest container for storing food

Interview with Dr. Arasb Dabbagh Introduction, Food Hygiene SpecialistHealthy eating and maintaining food hygiene is one of the concerns of the people of this period and time. We need to know how to store food to minimize chemical changes in its texture. Many times a simple mistake in storing food and choosing the type of

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Use disposable tableware

Elimination of environmental pollution has become complicated since almost two decades ago with the uncontrolled entry of irreversible plastic materials into nature. Perhaps less places and places can be found in the cities of our country that do not have a plastic container or a plastic bag. During a visit to the border wall

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Modern food packaging

What you are reading here is not a thought that has just formed in our minds. It is not even a new word and we have written and said about it many times before. However, we hope that by repeating these writings and statements, a suitable platform will be provided for constructive movements such

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Disposable tableware and their application in food

During the last 50 years, the use of plastic products in the packaging of various foods and beverages or in the form of disposable containers has increased dramatically, so that the present era is called the plastic age. Plastics used for contact with food are mainly extracted from petroleum sources. Plastics are generally polymers

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