Gilsonite of Iran is very high quality Natural Asphalt in the world and the main reason is the quality of Crude Oil that we have in Iran.

The mines of Natural asphalt has discovered about 80 years ago in west of Iran but no body knew what is the exact usage of this material that we are calling it Gilsonite today.

The local people who were living behind of these Gilsonite mines every day were watching that black rocks are coming to the surface of the earth and they are really look like the Coal but they are not burning like Caol and some of them were using them for fire making but the remained materials after burning was not like ash of Coal after burning.

Finally by researching of Mines engineers and doing some analysis test from those black rocks they found that it is mineral Bitumen and it has exactly the quality and analysis that was discovered in USA about 100 years ago.

Gilsonite is calling Natural Asphalt too because this is natural bitumen or asphalt but it is producing in the earth not in petroleum refineries.

As we mentioned Natural Asphalt is black and its look like Coal but has many difference and more useful than Coal.

Gilsonite is creating by evaporation of Crude oil but the Coal is creating from wood of the jungle trees.

So according of these difference their uses are different too and no body never will use mineral bitumen for make fire but main usage of Coal is for making fire from many years ago as we all can remember in old trains and Boilers.

Gilsonite has petrochemical base and have solubility in petroleum solvent, Gilsonite is like Bitumen but in solid mode and have no penetration and can use in powder mode in different industries like Ink, Mud drilling fluid and bitumen production.

Main uses of natural asphalt is in bitumen and coating industries because it can mix with bitumen and raw materials of Bitumen for producing different grades of Bitumen.

Asian Gilsonite as mine owner and Global supplier of natural asphalt with most experience of exporting mineral bitumen have ability to supply client from all of the world for any grade of Natural asphalt with different applications.