Gilsonite Cementing Grade is an effective ingredient in insulation  and it would be recyclable in the environmental cycling, reducing the risk of environmental damage to a very high level.

Today, following the very fundamental challenges of insulating deep wells during drilling, due to the use of a variety of chemicals to insulate the walls of the well, these chemicals are very harmful to the environment, which is why the environment’s supporters Has lived.

For many years, the drilling industry has used Gilsonite Cementing Grade as a basic and recyclable medium in the worst parts of the world to cement the walls of oil wells.

Using Gilsonite as additive during the operation of wall cementing of oil wells its the biggest advantage will be that the Gilsonite will prevent the spread of gas and hydrocarbon to the environment.

Gilsonite has unique physical and chemical properties that provide unique benefits to Gilsonite, which does not have any chemical to cement oil wells.

Gilsonite Cementing Grade benefits

> Increasing cement function

> The weight of Slurry would be very lower

> prevent from spread of free waters

> will reduce water quantity of slurry

> reducing the mud quntity

> improving scours of wellbore

> preventing from wellbore rheology

Gilsonite Cementing Grade

Gilsonite Cementing Grade solves the problem of penetrating groundwater into the oil well hole

Gilsonite by controlling the influence of open water, it helps to maintain the insulation of the walls of oil wells and to eliminate impenetrability against groundwater at very low cost without the need for any other additive.

Gilsonite, with its own improvement will helps stabilize the oil wells cementing, Gilsonite is flexible, variable, high endurance and non-porous, non-porous These properties makes Gilsonite able to be recoverable.


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